Designed by leading architectual firm, Poetica, the dual occupancy at 24 Wembley Avenue, Cheltenham consists of two side-by-side units with four bedrooms in each unit.


The concept of the design was to integrate with the existing neighbourhood character of Wembley Avenue by interpreting the form and materials used in existing residences in the streetscape and general area surrounding Wembley Avenue in the façade of the dual occupancy, whilst maintaining a contemporary aesthetic that mediates between the traditional pitched roof forms on the street and the newer parapet ground floor roofs found in newer townhouses and dual occupancies in the area. The overall form of the development, with the first floor hipped roof and gable fits seamlessly with the existing pitched roofs in the streetscape.


Furthermore, the adherence to council’s guidelines for a mixed material palate in the design provides a balance mixture of quality façade and fencing materials, including, timber, render, metal cladding, glass and face brick.


The proposed dual occupancy residence and its accompanying landscaped gardens have been carefully designed to meet all requirements. In addition, by utilising a high quality natural timber batten façade and locating glazed areas behind to create interest at varying times of the day, the proposal essentially conceals the garage doors entirely.


The front porch and garage are integrated seamlessly as a continuous architectural feature with timber battens fixed to tilt-up garage doors and installed flush with the façade. The deep eaves that frame the front façade also provide articulation whilst protecting timber elements from weathering and offsetting the building line from the front setback.


Furthermore, the landscape design for the front garden further softens and conceals the façade.



August 8, 2016


Duel Occupancy