We start by obtaining a detailed brief of your requirements. We will provide professional advice on cost-effective design features and construction methods. We take into account the number of bedrooms you require, the living space that best suits your lifestyle, car spaces and sustainability features as well as fixtures and fittings.


We develop the approved design concept and present documents and other information to explain the developed design. We will provide a detailed list of proposed materials and finishes that we intend to use. We will develop a budget for the cost of works for your approval. In addition, we will liaise with local authorities and specialist consultants.


We will advise you on all statutory authority requirements. We will prepare the application including plans, diagrams, an analysis, studies, reports and any other required information for the submission. Finally, we will assist you with lodging the formal application.


We will prepare detailed plans including elevations and sections, together with other details and schedules to enable statutory approval to construct the project. In addition, we will specify the quality of materials, finishes and quality of work necessary to obtain statutory approval.


We constantly communicate with you regarding regarding costs and progress of the project.

The process is as follows:

  1. Ordering of materials and labour
  2. Ground works
  3. Frame
  4. External façade inc. roof
  5. Lock up
  6. Rough in, fit offs and fit outs
  7. Finishes


This is the one you have been waiting for, when we hand over the keys to your new home. After a final inspection by you, settlement can take place.